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Vivek - Managing Director

Vivek Raman is a serial entrepreneur. He is an Indian business magnate and Managing Director of REGROB group of companies. He has built one of the most profitable real estate brokerage companies in India. He has great experience in building businesses and has built a multi-million dollar venture. He is in multiple Web 3.0 companies. He is the co-founder of World Blockchain Summit. He has mentored and scaled various companies in the field of WEB3.

Ashish Kaushik - Chief advisor

Ashish Kaushik is New Gen Business Leader and a serial Entrepreneur. He is the Co-Founder and C.E.O. of REGROB group of companies.
He is an internationally awarded marketer, published author and keynote speaker on entrepreneurship and digital marketing. He is consulting many leading startups and organizations on strategy and business and is an active investor in various WEB3 and deep tech business ventures. He is an Ultra runner with many marathons and half marathons under his belt. He loves trekking in Himalayas as well as travelling.

Pratap - Chief Operating Officer(COO)

Pratap has over 5 years of experience in blockchain space in various fields ranging from Fintech, DeFi and NFTs to launchpads.
He is highly experienced and has great expertise with Marketing, Community Growth, Management and Engagement.
He has worked with various widely known projects.
As a hardcore gamer from days of Mario, to his all time favourite tekken and Pubg, Pratap is all set to make a change in the gaming world by bridging the gap in the two worlds with games that are not only FUN to Play, but also EARN through Play!

Dev - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Dev is an MBA graduate from IFMR-GSB, Krea University (India) and has a rich experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.
His career in cryptocurrency & blockchain began as a journalist for crypto websites/magazines like ToshiTimes, BitcoinNews & He has also worked with cryptocurrency exchanges like OKEx and helped in their marketing. Dev experience in managing trading & NFT oriented campaigns is going to be a big bonus for Metarivals

Thakur- Global Community Head

Thakur, an engineering graduate from Kurukshetra University (India), is an experienced professional in the crypto world and blockchain arena.
For over 5 years, he has been working in the crypto space with sheer dedication and involved in various prominent projects like The core admin, UREEQA Inc. etc
In addition to that, he has a stronghold in devising efficient marketing strategies, community management and handling various crypto oriented campaigns.
Thakur’s Knowledge about recent crypto space developments and his experience in the crypto world would be very beneficial for Metarivals.

Louisa - Head of Business Development

Louisa Lopez holds a Masters in Social Anthropology from Goldsmiths University, London, and has lived and volunteered in many countries. This makes her ideally placed to understand and connect people and communities from around the world.
She is a successful online entrepreneur with over 14 years experience of building businesses from the ground up, and brings this wealth of knowledge to develop MetaRivals from both a business and social perspective.
Recently she has been working for SafeLaunch, a community based crypto Venture Capitalist firm and Launchpad, as the Operations Manager and a Research Analyst, connecting her to various VCs, giving her an inside view of the industry and upcoming P2E games, and a keen eye for potentially successful projects.
As a gamer since the days of the Amiga 500 & Super Nintendo Console, and a Dungeons and Dragons GM, she understands that great graphics are just one part of making a truly fun and addictive computer game.