Gaming Ecosystem

Crypto Avatar Warriors Evolution

Game Progression - Players complete different levels during which the avatars evolve and become stronger and more powerful, whilst players receive $MRVL rewards. We will be launching 10+ crypto characters in the initial stage of the game launch. Eventually, we will start a voting process to decide which cryptocoin characters will be introduced on our gaming platform. The process involves suggestions from our community discord, and voting from our players holding $MRVL tokens. This empowers our community and ensures they are playing the game that they most want to experience!


While each character comes with its own unique set of powers, more than one weapon can be used by a warrior. Weapons can either be borrowed, bought or unlocked through battles and tournaments. The weapons can then be saved as an NFT and traded in the open market, offering another revenue stream to dedicated and skilful players.

In-platform currency

MetaRivals is built on the Play2Earn model with its own in-platform currency: MRVL. It is a fun way for players to gain passive rewards via following methods. $MRVL tokens rewards will be one of the primary sources of revenue for our users. By winning tournaments, battles, and completing tasks, players will be able to gain rewards in the form of MRVL tokens.


We are planning on creating an ecosystem that will channel all fees generated inside the ecosystem into a single pool called Treasury that will be used to buy back and burn $MRVL as well as provide staking rewards to $MRVL holders. The burn will ensure a deflationary mechanism for MRVL, a technique used by currencies such as Binances BNB coin.
The staking rewards given to $MRVL holders (derived from the fees and also an initial allocation in the tokenomics will ensure that the players and buyers of $MRVL have interests aligned with the platform.
Both of these methods are expected to reduce selling pressure of the token and thus have a positive effect on token value.


Every single entity in the MetaRivals game is represented by an NFT; characters, their weapons & armor and the battlefields themselves. These NFTs will be ranked in the order of their strength and power. More powerful NFTs can be minted by winning more battles in the game and then can be traded with others. Players can also stake their NFTs and can earn rewards in $MRVL.

Lending and borrowing in-game items

Players can generate revenue by lending in-game items like weapons and armors for interest rewards. Players with lesser purchasing capacity can utilize the ‘rent-a-weapon’ feature to participate in games and be well prepared, meaning that even new players can quickly advance in the game.

Invite and Earn

To create awareness around of game and rapidly increase the player base, an 'invite and earn' strategy will be deployed, where both the persons referring and getting referred will receive benefits in the form of in-app currency.