$MRVL Usecases

The growth of an ecosystem’s token decides the fate of the project. The growth of token is not tied to just one factor but its utility is a crucial factor. The more utility the token possesses, the more use cases it has for the user and therefore, the more demand in the market. MRVL tokens, the in-platform token of our game, have a plethora of use cases, described below.
  • Ecosystem Staking Rewards through Treasury
  • Yield farming on our partner DEXs.
  • Governance rights for voting on the latest characters and weapons
  • Players holding more MRVL tokens will have more health and attack strength in tournamemt mode. To give all the players an equal chance of winning tournaments and to support the MRVL ecosystem, all players that holdmore $MRVL will receive more health, attack strength and attack bearing capacity. This feature can only be availed in tournaments and cannot be used in FREE Play to EARN battles, meaning even those who do not hold $MRVL will still have the opportunity to fight and win based on purely dedication, skill and strategy.
  • Booking Ad-Spaces in the game
  • Booking private battlegrounds
  • Users to get 10% discounts on NFT sales if purchased through MRVL tokens
  • Purchasing virtual assets and spaces
  • MRVL tokens can be used to mint more powerful NFT characters
  • MRVL tokens will be distributed to battle winners and participants