Business revenue and Treasury Ecosystem

No matter how good the launch for a cryptocurrency project, we believe that if the business behind it does not generate real world profits, the project cannot have a long life. With this in mind, our vision is to create a sustainable and profitable business model. This consists of regular $MRVL buybacks from the market in order to create a positive MRVL Ecosystem and various income models within our game economy. A good portion of the fees generated through the gaming ecosystem will be channeled to a single pool that we call the “Treasury” this will enable us to buy back and burn MRVL and at the same time provide staking rewards to the MRVL stakers.
This means that each of our players who earn $MRVL, can stake, and be able to earn more $MRVL tokens that do not come through any additional minting but istead purely from fees generated by other players in our gaming ecosystem. This also will create a healthy buying pressure on our token as the ecosystem fees are converted to MRVL through open market purchases, and burning thus taking a portion of MRVL permanently out of circulation.
Our innovative revenue stream models are as follows -

Integration fees for new coin Avatar Warriors

Our gaming ecosystem is designed to attract not only crypto fanatics but also gamers from non-crypto backgrounds and users who are interested in the play2earn concept, as well as players who just love the idea of a new and thrilling beat ‘em up arcade game with gorgeous graphics. This guarantees us an enormous player base. We already have a large community following that is continuously growing.
Therefore there is a huge benefit for coins and tokens that become integrated into our game as beautiful coin avatars; our large user base will provide a lot of exposure and hype to these projects. In the initial stages of our game, there will be absolutely no integration costs charged to the coins. However, once our game reaches a critical mass of players, we will begin to charge integration fees to support the $MRVL ecosystem. A considerable share of these fees will be sent to the Treasury, which in turn ensures greater sustainability and rewards for our gamers.

Fees from Challenge Battles

For days when you are not willing to take risks and just want to have fun, you have the option of playing MetaRivals in the free play2earn mode. But for days when you need that adrenaline rush, you can play "the Challenge Mode", where you can play exciting all-or-nothing tournaments. In these contests, players on both sides contribute tokens, and then the winner takes all. Players will be required to pay a small platform fee to play such modes, and these fees will be sent to the Treasury.

In-app purchases

Through in-app purchases, users will be able to gain access to the full potential of the game for an enhanced experience. Users can purchase from a vast collection of unique weapons and character skins and accessories, unique avatars, special edition equipment, advanced weapons, tournament tickets, and more. A percentage of these fees will go to the treasury.

Virtual space ownership

MetaRivals will offer exclusive private battlefields in strategic locations in the game. These can be bought using $MRVL tokens which in turn will provide huge advantages to the teams in future gameplay. Players on the battleground can create colonies by owning land and plots. Further, one can sell these locations and spaces to the higher bidder to earn rewards.

Weapon borrowing and lending

Maybe you are looking to earn some $MRVL but do not wish to take part in a battle just now. Or perhaps you have an important battle to fight but do not have the right weapon. In either case, weapon lending and borrowing is the answer!
Our game allows you to save your weapons as NFTs. Through the NFT lending/borrowing feature, you can lend your weapons to other players. The borrowing side can use the weapons to try and triumph in difficult battles, and the lending side receives the lending rewards in $MRVL. The MetaRivals treasury will receive a small share of the fees generated and so this is yet another way in which the ecosystem and treasury will grow and benefit.

Ad- spaces of the battlefield

The vast and diverse audience that our game is expected to reach, opens incredible opportunities for advertisers. Advertising within the game will bring great exposure to relevant products and brands. Interested advertisers can purchase ad spaces, which can only be bought with $MRVL, and fees will be sent to the Treasury. In order to ensure an enjoyable playing experience, we will only permit ads that fit well with the themes and aesthetics of the game. Our graphic designers will work with interested advertisers to help them achieve this.

New Characters and weapons NFT sales

While there will be many free warriors and weapons to play from, there will be many warriors and weapons with amazing powers that will be up for sale. For example, we will be creating an Artist-Gamer ecosystem where artists are invited to create designs for new warriors for our ecosystem. The designs will be put to vote and the design with the most votes will be the winner. The winning design is then minted as an NFT and put for sale. The proceeds from sale are used to develop the design into a warrior, channeling fees into Treasury, as well as rewarding the designer as well from these sale proceeds.
We also plan on introducing an influencer programme where warriors that look like your favourite influencer can be used to battle. Imagine CZ or Vitalik Buterin battling an ApeCoin. Some of these warriors will be put up for sale. The buyers of these NFT will get the sole rights to integrate and play with these warriors. The buyer can also trade them as NFTs.

Book Private battlegrounds or special play areas to fight with your friends

Want to have a blast with friends? Use your MRVL to Invite them to private battlegrounds and special play areas to have a fun and unique experience..