Executive Summary

“World’s First Crypto Coins Avatar Tekken style combat game”
Our team wanted to build a platform that could unite all crypto coin fanatics regardless of the coin they owned or supported. With this in mind, our 2 co-founders and 3 core team members invented the idea of MetaRivals, the next social interaction point for all the crypto communities. This platform offers a computer-generated environment with the aid of blockchain technology, VR, and AR where players of different origins but with a shared interest in cryptocurrency and gaming can interact with each other.
Its gameplay is inspired by the classical and all-time loved arcade fighting games like Tekken but with a pool of unique crypto coin-inspired warriors instead of cliche avatars.
MetaRivals team has an excellent track record of achieving great success. Our team is built with people who were the top in their field of work which includes various aspects of community building, brand marketing, and Dapps development. We have amazing and dedicated members and investor from top real estate brokerage companies like Regrob to various famous crypto exchanges like OKEx, Binance (Binance Smart Chain), Kucoin and crypto projects like COTI NETWORK, SafeLaunch, Autofarm Network, Poly Whale Finance, and Polar Sync.
MetaRivals is prepared to launch a gaming platform for the crypto communities, to go head-on with their rivalries against each other by fighting in a real-time gaming mode. When the game is fairly new to the audience, its avatars will be limited to crypto coin-inspired characters. But as our audience grows and diversifies, so will the collection of avatars which will leverage the rivalry amongst people from sports, politics, movies, etc, and will serve as a social interaction point between various subcultures and groups.
Through the carefully designed MRVL ecosystem,, MetaRivals will offer its community attractive rewards and high APY yield farming. Staking tokens to mint NFTs and staking NFTs to mint much more powerful NFTs are just the tip of the iceberg of this revolutionary gaming platform.