Welcome to MetaRivals. A metaverse ecosystem open for the entire crypto community. A virtual battlefield to fight for the glory of the cryptocoin you support. An arena dedicated to rivalry and rewards.
The quick and exponential gain in the popularity of crypto currency caused a multitude of cryptocurrencies to enter the market which in turn led to rise in competition among crypto traders & holders. Every crypto trader wants to advocate for the superiority of their favorite crypto project and at the same time, label other crypto projects as inadequate.
In fact, numerous crypto supporters use FUDding, a strategy to instill “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” about their rival project on social media. Naturally, many perceive this competitiveness negatively. Thus, the world needed a new platform which could channelise this competitiveness in a positive and innovative way without using unethical strategies. To fulfill this need we created ‘MetaRivals’.
Gaming and cryptocurrencies have been overlapping over the years with both witnessing enormous support from the audience. So, why not combine these two? That’s exactly what MetaRivals does.
MetaRivals is a futuristic metaverse game which will be initially built on BSC Blockchain and then will be getting deployed in multi-chains. It will offer a virtual battleground where players can support their crypto projects by becoming one of their avatars and participate in a PvP Tekken-style game against their rival project and much more. This is a #play2earn model which implies that every interaction done in the game by the player will be rewarded in $MRVL Tokens.
MetaRivals very uniquely integrates the spirit of cryptocoin in combating games by introducing coin-inspired characters. In MetaRivals, players can choose an avatar that represents their favorite coin and challenge their rival coin in one-on-one battles against each other.
The ultimate goal is to provide a platform to channelize the negative emotions among the crypto traders who often indulge in heated debate on social media. Along with this, MetaRivals will facilitate a more welcoming crypto space for the new crypto market entrants, who are unfamiliar to the FUDDing scheme in the crypto space. After all, a happy and positive entrant means a happy and positive market growth.
At every stage of the journey to success whether for a new cryptocoin or video game, the audience’s support is the most valuable aspect. Thus, the MetaRivals team wanted to include the user base of the game to be a part of its success and not just bystanders. Consequently, it functions on a play-to-earn model, where players receive rewards in $MRVL tokens, the platform's in-currency, when they actively take part in the various battles, tournaments, transactions or other interactions in the game.
Moreover, the MRVL tokens that players would be receiving are associated with a wide range of relevant use cases and important rights within the game. For instance, MRVL gives governance rights where users can vote for integration of their favorite coins. These use cases will be discussed comprehensively later.
MRVL tokens will be further integrated into the gameplay for minting of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) that saves the progress of your characters and weapons. These NFTs can be traded and borrowed/lended to other players. This means that all the time and energy the player invests in playing the game, winning battles, earning xp, and acquiring weapons, all will have real world value.
The buyer and seller both will benefit from this transaction in some way. The buyer gets to higher xp warriors or weapons for their important battles without having to play for hours. On the other hand, the seller will earn MRVL tokens from the trade.
Overall, every interaction occurring inside the gaming ecosystem, from matches, battles, contests, to NFT and in-app purchases results in the growth of the ecosystem and MRVL though our treasury staking ecosystem. With this, the incentives of the players also increase.
Consequently, MetaRivals is going to be a revolutionary and futuristic approach towards both gaming and cryptocurrency. With the latest technologies at hand such as Web 3.0, metaverse and blockchain, it offers a superior combination of recreation and reward and has the potential to become one of the Top metaverse projects
Last modified 1yr ago