Addressing the challenges

The surge in the number of crypto coins in the market and consequential creation of separate communities for each coin lead to increase in ingroup bias among the members in the crypto space.
The increased competitiveness within the crypto community through FUDDing, a phenomenon of creating “Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt” about a rivalry coin on the internet, makes the market appear uncongenial and antagonistic. This brings about hesitation in new market entrants to take further part in the industry.
Ideally, for an industry to grow and expand, there should be a continuous flow of fresh capital and new users for which a prospering and positive environment is necessary. However, the current Crypto Rivalry that we witness on social media is far from ideal. Its direct impact on the crypto industry makes it a grave issue which the MetaRivals aims to dissolve.
MetaRivals will serve as a one-for-all platform for the crypto community where users can represent their favorite token and socially interact with each other. It involves picking a crypto-inspired avatar that you support and participating in immersive battles against other players in a way that encourages growth and not inhospitality. With the introduction of such a gaming platform where users can freely support their coin will take away the unpleasantness from social media and set a new precedent in the crypto world.